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Sharing Your Voice Through Mini-Public Art

It is inspiring to see and be a part of people marching, protesting, and demanding these long overdue changes. The changes in our society that allows us to move forward knowing we really do represent liberty, freedom, and justice FOR ALL. Among these large scale public protests there is lots of room for quieter protests and actions as well.

A mural can brighten up a dreary street, but some of my favorite works of public art are small stickers with big messages, tags or stencils that interact with their surroundings, or an object left behind like a birdhouse or stack of stones. Discovering something unexpected or hidden can be exciting or exhilarating is like being given a gift or told a secret.

This kit is an invitation to create your own micro-activist public art! Share your message on magnetic signs, stickers, and window posters.


Construction paper

Glue stick

Set of oil pastels

Set of colored pencils

2 - 4x4" wooden panels

4 self adhesive magnets

4 pieces of sticker paper

2 popsicle sticks


When creating any of these Micro-Activist projects first you have to think of your message or image! What positive thought would you like to pass along like a gift or secret to neighbors to spot it? What powerful statement has been running through your mind that you really want people to hear? What images support these ideas? What images or symbols could stand on their own? What colors or shapes represent how you feel?


I created 2 Mini Protest Plaques - one in colored pencils and one in oil pastels - the materials each have a very different look and approach, but both work great on the wooden surface and will not bleed or smear if it rains.

Because the oil pastels are thicker I didn’t make a very detailed design - but I did focus on making it bright and colorful and had fun blending the pastels together! After creating a colorful background I used black to write a message over the top.


The phrase “WHITE PEOPLE: Listen like your lives depend on it” has been running through my head - and I wanted to put it out into the world. Color pencil seemed good for writing the words, I colored the letters in so it was easier to see but left a lot of the wood blank as a natural background.


After my designs were drawn I put 2 adhesive magnets onto the back, and walked to find different surfaces it would magnet to! I found a bunch just on my block, but there are probably many more places that would hold your magnetic sign.
*If there isn't anything magnetic in the location you'd like to place your sign, you can tape the popsicle stick to the back to make a stake and put it in the ground.

TIP: I learned to save the 2nd magnet for after you know where you will leave it - this way you know where your sign could use more support depending on the shape and size of the surface.


I used cut and pasted construction paper to create a sign for my window that sends a positive message to my neighbors as they walk by. After my design was cut out I used Oil Pastels to write on the top. Because they are so OPAQUE - their color can shows up vibrantly on top of the colored paper.


Since stickers are more permanent than magnets think about where you are putting them, and if you have permission to do so. They can be a great gifts family, neighbors, or friends. Stick it on a notebook, guitar case, a water bottle, or a boarded up window, WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU’LL COME UP WITH. I have a retaining wall outside of my house and decided to put it there!


In order to push down to get the sticker to stick you have to use a material that doesn’t smudge, like pen, pencil, or marker once it’s dry. If you do use the oil pastels on your sticker - set a separate piece of paper over your sticker to push onto when you’re pushing it onto the surface!

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