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DIY Field Guide KIT

A book written by you about your neighborhood


A field guide is a book or pamphlet that gives you LOTS of information on a topic. A lot of times a Field Guide tells you about one specific place through its history, maps, cultural information, statistics, or diagrams. They might also highlight points of interest like parks, restaurants, industry, or businesses.

You’re making a Field Guide about where you live! It could include historic information or points of interest, but it might also be about your favorite place to go, your personal history and culture, the most beautiful tree on your block, your neighbors, or whatever it is that makes your neighborhood truly yours!


There are 4 small books that will help brainstorm the creation of 4 different pages of your field guide! Follow your inspiration and write about what is important and exciting to you!

The pages are set up to work as Templates - there are lines for writing and boxes for illustrations!

There are some blank pages - one is for making a map of your neighborhood, the others can be used to write or sketch drafts of your pages, or maybe you want to design your own page?!


1 blank field guide -1 word map template, 6 page templates, 1 page for a map, 2 blank pages

4 mini field guides to making your own field guide

1 mechanical pencil, 2 pens

*To request a kit send a message through the "contact" section of the website our through our facebook page*


Books or the internet to research any topics you feel like digging deeper into

Your own imagination

Any other coloring supplies you might like to work with


When you are finished take photographs of your favorite page and post it on facebook and tag @silvercityairmke or send a message through contact form on the website to have it included in our virtual gallery. 


Book 1 - CHOOSE A TOPIC: Use the blank word bubble map to brainstorm ideas of places you go in your neighborhood. Is there one place that stands out from the rest?

Book 2 - MAP: What is important to include on your map? Start with your house - then think of and start putting in the other places you go. There are a LOT of different ways to make a map - be as creative & strange as you’d like!

Book 3 - HISTORY: What is an important moment in history that you’d like to write and illustrate. A picture sometimes can be an even more meaningful and detailed way of telling a story.

Book 4 - VISUAL PIZAZZ: Are there certain areas of your text you want to accentuate? What about a cover for your book - how will it clue readers into what they might find inside?

Organize your pages - Your book is bound with folder clips. You can take these out, rearrange your pages in any wya you'd like, then slip them back in!


You can find field guides or brochures on places all over, but some are more creative than others. These two projects are like digital field guides - collecting stories and information to help give someone outside of the area a peek in. Check out West Side Stories: Gentrification in West Oakland, and Milwaukee Water Stories.

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